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Bushel Barns

Boarding & Horsemanship

At our farm in Pfafftown, NC, we focus on the rehabilitation of horses while teaching people to be more compassionate and skilled caretakers, riders and horsemen/women, creating a stronger connection between you and your horse.

Our Services

Helping You Reach Your Horsemanship Goals


Safety should be at the forefront of every interaction we have with our horses, in order to ensure both horses and humans are in a place where harmonious learning can occur.


Rather than approaching our horsemanship with the mentality that our horses are the ones who need training, we strive to improve our own feel, timing, intention and energy. We wish to be the leaders our horses would choose for themselves.


All too often do we expect our horses to learn our language. Learning the means by which horses communicate allows for stress-free training and opens new possibilities for horse and rider.

Meet the Owner

Born in England, Laura was fortunate to grow up in the countryside and found herself astride horses’ backs running around before she could run herself! At a young age she moved to the United States and has since spent much of her life in North Carolina. Growing up on a farm gave her a deep appreciation for the outdoors, animals, and the ways in which nature connects us all. Those interests led her to North Carolina State University where she majored in Conservation Biology and minored in Spanish. Throughout her years at university, Laura worked at a local barn where she kept her two mares and spent every minute between classes, work and studying, with them. Before, during and after university she developed her own horses, worked for rescue organizations to rehabilitate horses prior to adoption, and taught horsemanship lessons.

Meet the Herd

Connecting with Our Horses

Horses who come to Bushel Barns are allowed to be horses… they live in herds, have large pastures to roam, and shelter to use when they choose to do so. Life for a prey animal living in a predator’s world can be stressful enough; we aim to alleviate some of the physical stressors by allowing them a more natural way of life. In return, we have horses that are less prone to health issues and stereotyped behaviors (“vices”).


Human training & horse rehabilitation

Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or new to the world of horses, you'll have the opportunity to learn valuable insights into natural horsemanship techniques. We will guide you through the art of building trust and communication with these incredible animals. Stay tuned for event dates and details, and get ready to deepen your connection with horses like never before.


The Farm

Bushel Barns is nestled in historic Pfafftown, NC, which offers a quiet farm setting while still being close to Winston-Salem and city comforts. The property is family owned and still holds some buildings that speak to the land’s past of cattle and tobacco farming. Now, the farm offers rolling green pastures, extensive riding trails through forests and across creeks, 5 4-stall barns, a lit sand arena, and two round pens.

While horses make up most of Bushel Barns’ population, we are also home to pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, and a variety of NC wildlife. 

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What Our Clients Say

"We have been working with Laura for almost 10 years now, and there is no horse regardless of their needs and limitations, that she cannot work with and help them work through issues to their fullest potential. She has an incredible desire and inborn talent to bring out the best in each horse, and mule! We are in awe of her talent, her instant connection to each horse, and have total trust and faith in her. We highly recommend her, even to just brush up on riding skills."

Karen A.

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