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Horse Training Agreement

Horse’s Information

By signing below, I agree to entrust my horse’s training and care to Bushel Barns Boarding & Horsemanship from the ____ Day of _____, 20___ until the ____ Day of _____, 20___. By signing below, I understand that I am held to the policies of the training board, as listed hereafter. As the owner of a horse in training, I agree to attend one lesson weekly (included in training board fee); provide supplemental feed for my horse, and all fees associated with vet and farrier services; and be reachable by phone within normal hours. Additionally, I consent to allow for treatment and transport of my horse should I not be reachable by phone in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, I understand that training can be terminated at any time and for any reason by Bushel Barns Boarding & Horsemanship. Training can be terminated at any time other than the one specified above by me, the owner, but will not be refunded. As Bushel Barns Boarding & Horsemanship emphasizes horse welfare and sound horsemanship practices, I also understand that there are no guarantees to what will and will not be accomplished during the outlined time period of training. By signing below, I acknowledge that I hold myself accountable for my horse’s behavior and wellbeing once back under my care, and consent to taking the advice outlined by Bushel Barns Boarding & Horsemanship.

**With this form, please provide proof of coggins, an up to date vaccination record, and payment for the first 30 days of training. Soft copies can be sent to**

Thanks for submitting!

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