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Meet the Trainer

Though she grew up riding and showing in traditional lesson programs, Laura was set on her true horsemanship journey by her first horse, a mini called Ace, who came to her with an impressive list of behavioral issues. Ace sent Laura on a journey to learn as much as she could from as many as she could. As her understanding of horses grew, so did her success and harmony with them, which led to opportunities to work with others and their horses. As a young adult, Laura spent six months as an intern on a Colorado ranch under the supervision of a Parelli Professional. Laura continued her passion and horse training in NC, opening Bushel Barns as a boarding facility in 2014 and a training facility in 2020. Laura was a TIP trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation, is enrolled in a hoof trimming course and continues to attend every clinic and lesson opportunity she can find. She also has aspirations to gain her Centered Riding Certification. 

In her free time, she enjoys participating in endurance rides with her Arabian mare, Bella, and trail riding throughout North Carolina. Passionate about environmental science as well, Laura taught the subject as a 9th grade teacher for three years after graduation from NC State University with a degree in conservation biology. 

Meet the Team

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