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Pasture Lease Agreement

THIS PASTURE LEASE AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of

by and between Bushel Barns and Pastures, LLC, hereinafter referred to as Lessor and

the animal(s) owner(s), hereinafter referred to as Owner.

  1. Investments LLC. This property has clearly marked riding trails and a playground and communal arena / riding ring.Pasture Lease. Lessor agrees to provide pasture(s) for the animal described in Exhibit A. The pasture provided will have suitable electrified fencing, an access gate, faucet with drinking water.

  2. Pastures are being provided on an as-seen, as-is basis and no representation is being made by Lessor as to the suitability of the pasture for grazing or habitat for the animal.

  3. Pastures will be shared communally with owners of other animals. It is the responsibility of the Owner to notify Lessor if their animal(s) pose any risk, hazard or have any limitations whatsoever of being kept on communal pastures with other animals. 

  4. Lessor will use reasonable endeavors to place the Owner’s animals in a communal pasture with other suitable or compatible animals, however, no guarantee whatsoever can be made as to how the animals will integrate.

  5. The pasture will include shelter for the animal in the form of a barn, stall or run-in, and the shelter will have lighting and electrical outlet socket for the Owner to use various electrical appliances, such as fans or clippers.

  6. The pasture will include a communal storage room to be shared with other Owners and their belongings. The storage room can be used for feed, medications and equipment related to the management of the animal. Owner will be solely responsible for the safety and security of the items stored in the communal storage room.

  7. Fees: Owner will pay $__ per animal per calendar month and may be changed from time to time by Lessor, proving 30 days notice of any change.

  8. Payment: Owner will pay the Fees on the 1st day of each month, for that month. Payment to be made by check. 

  9. Term: A minimum initial term of 6 months or fee of $1,350 to apply.

  10. Security deposit: A security deposit equivalent to one month’s pasture lease will be payable upon signing of this contract and shall be refunded upon completion of this agreement, net of any monies owed by Owner to Lessor.

  11. Location: The animal will be situated in Pasture and Barn #___, however Lessor at Lessors sole discretion can request the animal is moved to an alternative Pasture and Barn number by providing no less than 48 hrs. Notice.

  12. Risk of Loss and Standard of Care of the Animal(s): During the Term, Owner is responsible for the nutrition, wellbeing, health, care, maintenance, safety, and oversight of the animal. Under no circumstance is Lessor liable or responsible for the animal’s nutrition, wellbeing, health, care, maintenance, or oversight. Lessor’s responsibility shall not extend beyond providing pasture and shelter on an as-seen, as-is basis.

  13. Owner understands and acknowledges that Lessor does not carry any insurance for any animal not owned by Lessor, for any purpose and it is Owner’s responsibility to acquire appropriate insurance cover for their animal(s).

  14. Animal maintenance: Owner agrees and accepts that their animal’s maintenance, health, nutrition, wellbeing, care, safety, and oversight is the responsibility of the Owner and accordingly commits to making frequent inspections of their animal and notify the Lessor immediately in the event that their animal’s health or wellbeing is of concern.

  15. Emergency Care: Should Lessor reasonably believe that medical treatment is required for the Owner’s animal, Lessor agrees to make a good faith attempt to contact Owner, at the emergency contact numbers provided by Owner to Lessor upon the execution of this agreement. In the event Lessor is not able to contact Owner within a reasonable time, which time shall be determined solely by Lessor, Lessor is then hereby authorized to obtain emergency veterinary care, with such veterinarian selected in good faith by Lessor and as determined by Lessor for the health and wellbeing of such Owner’s animal. The cost of such care obtained by Lessor shall be paid by the Owner, either as a reimbursement to Lessor payable by no later than fifteen days following Owner’s receipt of an invoice from Lessor or by direct billing to Owner by the veterinarian.

  16. Hold harmless: Owner agrees to hold Lessor harmless from any and all claims arising from damage, injury or death caused by Owner’s animal or by the actions of Owner, or the actions of any agent, contractor, guest, invitee, representative or related party of Owner or due to a breach by Owner of this agreement or the rules and regulations set forth in Exhibit B and to defend Lessor from any such claims. Owner agrees to disclose in Exhibit A any and all hazardous or potential hazardous or dangerous propensities of the animal being placed in any pasture.

  17. On-boarding: Prior to the commencement of this Lease, Owner will receive an Onboarding explanation, property tour and documentation (including, without limitation, a release) to sign and complete.

  18. Equine specific clauses:

    1. In the event Owner leases pasture for horses, Owner warrants that the horse is owned by Owner and will show proof of ownership upon request of Lessor, has a current Coggins Test and will show proof of negative test result upon request.

    2. Owner agrees to provide necessary shoeing and worming of the horse as necessary under recognized good standards of practice for horse management.

    3. Owner may ride their horse on parts of the property owned by Selene 

  19. Termination: This agreement can be terminated by either party by providing 30 days written notice to the other party. Lessor shall also have the right to immediately terminate this agreement upon the breach by Owner of this agreement or the rules and regulations set forth in Exhibit B. In addition to Lessor’s right to terminate this agreement in the event of a breach by Owner, Lessor shall retain the security deposit and any prepaid Fees and shall also have all other rights and remedies available under law. 

  20. Right to Lien: Owner acknowledges that Lessor has a right of lien under applicable North Carolina law, for any reasonable charges for boarding the Owner’s animal under this agreement. Owner further acknowledges that Lessor shall have the right, without process of law, to attach a lien to the Owner’s animal after Owner’s failure to pay all amounts due under this agreement.

  21. Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of North Carolina, without regard to conflict of law principles thereof.

  22. Entire Agreement; Amendments: This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements, written or oral, with respect thereto. This agreement shall not be supplemented, amended, or modified in any manner whatsoever except by written agreement of the parties.

  23. Assignment: Without the prior written consent of Lessor, Owner shall not assign, transfer, convey, pledge or mortgage this agreement or any interest therein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Pasture Lease Agreement to be executed as of the date first written above.



Print Name: Laura Hebard (Manager) 


Exhibit A - Description of animal(s)

Animal 1

Vaccine records
Current coggins

Animal 2

Vaccine records
Current coggins

Animal 3

Vaccine records
Current coggins

Animal 4

Vaccine records
Current coggins

Exhibit B - Pasture, Storage and Shelter Rules and Regulations

  1. Pasture maintenance and usage

    1. Salt, mineral and hay feeding to be done only from suitable dispensers/feeders, located on hard standing near stables (not in pasture area)

    2. Owner is responsible for daily manure pick-up from shelters and under overhang of the shelter, and depositing manure in a dedicated muck heap. Lessor is responsible for emptying the muck heap once full.

    3. In the event of over grazing and possible pasture damage, Lessors can require Owner to use alternative designated grazing areas at Lessors sole discretion.

    4. Owner only to use pasture attached/associated with shelters where animal(s) are located unless otherwise designated.

    5. In the event that a shelter/barn has openings and/or a pasture is not being leased in its entirety, Owner agrees to move animal(s) and self to other barn/pasture as designated by the Lessor. 

  2. Pasture rotation

    1. Communal pastures and additional grazing may be made available by the Lessor, as and when possible.

    2. Access to and use of communal pastures will be solely at Lessor’s discretion and only by pre agreement with Lessors.

    3. Where communal pastures are used, all Owners using communal pasture will collectively follow the pasture maintenance and usage details per (1) above.

  3. Noise and nuisance

    1. Owner understands and agrees that noise and nuisance will be kept to a minimum and that general conduct will be professional, polite and considerate towards other Owners and Lessor

  4. Litter & Bathroom Use

    1. No litter or littering permitted.

    2. Owners are responsible for disposing of all waste in a timely and appropriate manner in all areas, including store room, barn, and bathroom.

    3. When using compostable toilets, an appropriate amount of shavings (outside each bathroom in black bin) must be used to cover waste.

  5. Gates

    1. If you open a gate, it must be closed afterwards. All gates to be left as found.

  6. Visitors

    1. Visitors are welcome, and are subject to the same undertakings as Owner. Owner is responsible for their visitors. 

    2. Any visitor who will be riding must sign a Release of Liability Form prior to participating in equine related activities.

  7. Other animals/pets

    1. All other animals are prohibited unless with prior agreement from Lessor.

  8. Vehicles

    1. All vehicles and trailers are to use only designated roads. All trailers to be left only in designated areas. All vehicular use to be safe and respectful of people, animals and property; this includes visiting equine professionals such as farriers and vets.

  9. Water

    1. All faucets to be completely turned off after usage and not left running unnecessarily between tasks. 

    2. All hoses to be disconnected from faucets when temperatures will be below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit)

  10. Electricity

    1. Fencing of all pastures will be electrified at all times. Owner must not switch fencing units off or disconnect electricity supply to fences.

    2. All barn lights and fans to be switched off at night.

    3. Fans can be provided by Owner and used in barns during day time as necessary.

  11. Use of arena and playground

    1. Usage available from 7am-10pm, with respect to availability as per weekly arena schedule

    2. Usage on a “first come, first served” basis and all advance bookings to be made with Lessor.

    3. All manure to be picked up by the user immediately after use.

    4. Arena lights to be switched off after use.

  12. Use of riding trails

    1. Trails may be used by Owner and Owner agrees to use only marked and cleared trails

    2. Trails may be closed by Lessor in event of damage, weather or inaccessibility

  13. Tack room

    1. Owner is responsible for keeping the storage room door securely closed when not in use.

    2. Owner(s) are responsible for keeping storage room clean and orderly, including safely securing all food items as to reduce incidents of pests

  14. Horse care and management

    1. All horses to be managed and treated professionally and respectfully, following best equine practice

  15. Facility- general

    1. Owner to maintain a high level of general professionalism and conduct

    2. Any damage to property to be notified to Lessor immediately

  16. Personal property

    1. Only use your own equipment/property unless by mutual agreement with other equipment/property owners.

  17. Events, shows and classes

    1. Owners are not permitted to organize or host events (fee paying or otherwise) at Lessor’s facility without prior written permission from the Lessor.

  18. Revisions to rules and regulations. Lessor may revise these rules and regulations from time to time and Owner agrees that any revision shall have the same force and effect as those rules and regulations accepted at the time of the initial animal boarding. Failure, as determined in the Lessor’s sole discretion, of Owner or Owner’s guests, invitees, agents or representatives to abide by these rules and regulations may result in Lessor declaring Owner in default under the pasture lease agreement and result in termination of such agreement.

By signing below, I accept all of the above rules and regulations.



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